It’s Different at 1 PLUS ACADEMY.Learning. Personal. Fun.


We offer art classes for kids of all ages and levels.Please find the right class and join us for a demo class.


Our Spell and Write class now using the great resource by Evan Moor. Skill sharpeners series addresses key skills in reading, spelling, writing, and grammar.These core subjects together will form a strong foundation. kids don’t mind the extra practice because the activities are fun and focused.


Welcome to the wonderful world of math. This class is a small group math instruction class that works through important school math concepts.We cover basic math skills, algebra, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Critical thinking and more.


STEAM is an integrated approach to learning. It is where creativity meets academics. STEAM tasks engage children in creatively solving real-world problems. To encourage children to enjoy the journey of creating and sharing his or her solution to help create a better world.


Learn the relationship between letters and letter sounds, start decoding and spelling words, and build a stable foundation for rich language skills. Provide dynamic opportunities and support children to successfully learn to read with less frustration and struggle.


At 1 Plus Academy, we use the material which is as same as the students who’s learning Chinese in China. Our session starts with Pinyin, Short dialogues, character, Chinese Culture and so on.


Our Spanish class will be focus on basic concepts of learning. Students will learn through dialogues, character, as well as the culture.


Students can learn at their own pace, making it easier to fall in love with the subject. With the option of one on one or small group, students can learn more effectively.


With our homework help program, kids will have another opportunity to review the class material and understand the key concepts in the class. Kids will also learn the time management, independent learning, and postive learning behaviors.


Not all the kids are the same. Learning can be better with individual support. Our private tutoring program allows one on one help. Our teacher will meet individual needs, pinpoint the student’s weaknesses and create a custom study plan.